I really hope you take away, what you need.  If you read something here that hits home, then cool.  It is an honor to be on the journey with another person.  I think it’s only natural.  We do nothing… by ourselves.  It’s a fallacy to think we are that isolated.  The house we live in was built by someone else, the car we drive, the food we eat, the TV, movies, music… they are all contributed by others.  In a large way, we share so much with so many.  If I can contribute to that, YES!!!  If nothing here makes sense, move on – life’s too short.  If you refer someone – cool!

I’ve been helped  by so many people in the crooked crazy course of my life.  I’m grateful and humbled.

Thank you for checking it out.  If you have suggestions, questions, comments, criticisms…. TELL ME!  email me.  It’s fine.  I would love to hear back.